Easiest way to monitor a 110vav pump

Looking for suggestions. I have several 110vac pumps for my heating system. I would like to monitor when they are active. Any ideas what would be budget friendly?


I use current sensors for this, A CT sensor goes around a single leg of the wire, so it is noninvasive to the circuit. Noninvasive is important as while you could use a zwave smart switch when that switch fails then no power goes to the critical load and you lose heat, etc.

There are two styles split-core (they snap around the wire) or fixed core (requires that you disconnect a wire and run it through), I usually mount the CT sensor in the electrical box or if there is not room add an extension to the electric box. There a lots of ways to do this. Lowest cost would be an inexpensive CT sensor coupled to esp-home device,

Myself I use crmagnetics CT sensors, they are well built but less expensive than other CT sensors like advantech. I then run the into a Stride Analog I/0 module which connects into Ethernet and uses the HASS modbus integration. I have two of these running for 3 years and have had zero issues. It’s not the low cost solution. I use these to monitor whole house electric usage, well pumps, sump pumps, and furnaces.

I would also monitor the current. Because when motors start to fail, they usually start using more current. So you can use that as a diagnostic for a failing pump.

I use relays (contactors) with 120VAC coils. The contacts of the relays connect to the GPIO pins on the RPi running HA. I’ve done similar things with the GPIO pins on an ESP device running ESPHome.

Admittedly, I only get an on/off indication, not the current. I’ve never had a circulator pump fail, although I do have a spare in stock. I guess I’d know pretty quickly if the heat wasn’t working, so for me it hasn’t been an issue.

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Thanks PeteRage,
That is more info than I want, but I’ll put it in the memory bank for later


That is more like what I was thinking of. So simple and dependable.