Easiest Way to Setup Automation for Alarm System

Hi there!

The idea is simple, but doing it might not be so… I have lots of contact sensors (doors, windows) and a bunch of mmwave motion sensors.

What is the easiest way to setup them as an alarm system?

When I go out and once activated, it would alert me whenever a contact or mmwave sensor is trigged until I disable it.

Suggestions? Thank in advance!

Maybe this:

True easy to use, and I have it set up on a wall tablet. Works great.

But…in terms of automation, a lot of things you will want to do can’t be configured through the minimalist YAML action interface within Alarmo. Not a problem, just call automations from Alarmo, and do the heavy lifting in the automations. I have Alarmo doing some things in terms of actions (actions are things like alarm speaker volumes, alarm speaker pairings, play siren sounds, announce modes, get phone notification, trigger camera) but those that can’t be done through Alarmo I do in multiple scripts (armed home, armed away, triggered home, triggered away, disarm home, disarm away).

It seems to be exactly what I was looking for! Although I installed it through HACS and the entities didn’t get set… :frowning:

My bad, just had to add it as an integration! Thank you!