EBUS Zigbee controller

I’m looking for an EBUS (24v) thermostat controlled by zigbee 3.0
I can’t believe it’s so hard to find, i see ebus is used a lot in certain countries in europe and especially in the Czech Republic and Russia.
I know there’s a plugin for this adapter via wi-fi Reserve-my-adapter – ebusd
The internet is full of radiator valves with zigbee 3.0 support but i cannot seem to find anything to control my Gas boiler. I found some old products but the specs are not really available.
So what i’m looking for is a controller for my GAS boiler which uses the 24v power supply and can modulate it by using the ebus protocol. Similair to ebusd but based on zigbee 3.0

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Hi, I’m struggling with the same issue. Did you find anything?

Shneider has zigbee thermostats but I don’t think they are ebus enabled: