Echo Devices (Alexa) as Media Player - Testers Needed

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You have to use one of you Echo devices name, not the name of the Alexa App on the mobile phone or tablet.

Then, if you use the Mobile Push, you will get the notification on ALL your Alexa App you have installed with your account


Ok, now it’s clear… thanks


I don’t know if it makes the differences, but try with double-quotes on type and target


This did not make a difference.

I’m on hassio. The docs say you need to have alexapy 0.3.0.

Does automatically update to that version? How can I proof which alexapy version I have (in hassio).


By default, I do not think Hassio has alexapy installed.

I assume if you install alexapy into the container you would need to reinstall it every time Home Assistant is upgraded because the docker container is replaced. This project looks interesting enough that I am considering moving away from Hassio to a Home Assistant installation.


Maybe I’m wrong, but I think that the homeassistant container is not replaced every update.
If I remember well, I installed the alexapy on 0.88.x or at last 0.89.0 and now I’m on 0.89.1 and it’s working fine without installing again.


After manually reinstalling the files from github and restarting ha it works now for me. Maybe there was an issue with the update from custom updater.


Does someone know what method: all does here. Are there other options more method too?

“title”:“My title for Echo show”,
“data”:{“type”:“announce”, “method”:“all”},
“target”:[“Guest Room”, “”, “serialNumber”]


Hassio makes 2 containers, a supervisor one and a homeassistant one.

I thought that was an advantage of using docker, keeping Home Assistant & Addons isolated ,


Amazing work! This is what I have been waiting for. being able to use the notify service is a game changer for me. For me I like being able to have notify groups, no special templates for multiple echos! Cant wait to try out the new version


All the addons (or at least, most of them) have their proper container.

I have an ESXi VM only for Hassio on Ubuntu, and I have 12 docker containers, the two you mentioned, one for Portainer and the rest are Hassio addons.


Yes, but to update Home Assistant, I believe the homeassistant container is replaced with a new one.


Hello woody4165, why I don’t see my echo plus online?, I see only unavailable.


In the github repo, the file “” seems to be missing from the directory as per the configuration instructions

Currently it should look like:


I have been enjoying this component for forever know and it’s amazing! :grinning:
There was HA before this component and then there was HA after this component…I’m sure many agree
I love it and a big thank you. Any idea when this will become an official add on?

PS: I found the file but i’m still getting error messages

Invalid config

The following components and platforms could not be set up:

 - alexa-media
- alexa_media.notify


You need to follow your link into the alexa_media folder. here.


Announce supports both speaking and displaying on an Echo Show or Echo Spot. method: all says to try both. speak or show will only speak or show. I don’t have an Echo Show or Spot to test so I don’t know if it fully works, but this is from dissecting the sequence call. It’d be good if someone confirms.

There’s a bug in Announce I need to fix later tonight. Running a few more tests.
UPDATE: 1.2.1 should resolve the announce bugs.

Please post your config for both the alexa_media and notify platform. I think it’s mispelled as you are using a - instead of a _.


Can anyone clarify which of the new notify options are required to be used in the service call?

Also, I’m assuming the targets can be a list of entity_ids in the standard format just like any other service call?

or specifically, will the following work:

- service: notify.alexa_media
      - media_player.computer_room_dot
      - media_player.kitchen_dot
      - media_player.livingroom_dot
      type: announce
    message: >
      {% if states.sensor.test_sensor.state == 'on' %}
        This is a test message template and the state of the test sensor is on
      {% else %}
        This is a test message template and the state of the test sensor is off
      {% endif %}

or do I have to add in all of the options (title:, method:, etc) for this to work?


This should work.


Let me know if you figure out how to do that :slight_smile:


This is my config entry:

    - email: !secrets alexa_email
      password: !secrets alexa_password

  - platform: alexa_media
    name: alexa_media

You are right the Invalid config notice on my frontend does show a hyphen instead of a underscore although my config is showing an underscore.


I followed the instructions here in the media player wiki. :smiley:
If not root, add sudo to the first command.

docker exec -it homeassistant /bin/bash
pip install alexapy
pip3 install alexapy