Ecobee Notification Help/Examples?

Can any of give examples of, or point me to more detailed documentation on, sending notifications to Ecobee thermostats, if it’s even supported? When (very simply) trawling through the HA integration on Github I think all that’s supported is sending a basic message (link), but maybe I’m missing something.

When I use a basic notification:

service: notify.ecobee
  message: Test message
  target: 0
  title: Test title

All I get is this:

The time is off by 5 hours (early), title is not shown, and it says it’s coming from ‘utility’. I figure there has to be a way to change all of this, and thus I’m looking for how.

The ecobee API lists a whole bunch of things that can be sent, so I’m hoping this is already in place and I’m missing something?


Did you get any progress on this?

I did not. Haven’t tried to make it more robust, but I’m pretty sure the HA integration is simply very incomplete.