Ecowitt Integration - This device disabled by config entry

After the HACS Ecowitt integration quit working, I removed all aspects of it. I then installed the integration provided by HA after several attempts I finally get it to show the device and its associated entities. But the device states that: “This device is disabled by config entry” and it and its the entities are disabled. Please help.

Same for me

Mee too. I get the same message


I had the same issue but found out why and how to solve.

While removing the old HACS Ecowitt integration I made a number of tries and one of them was about disabling the HACS ecowitt integration before managing to delete it.

Then I installed the official HA one, I changed the port on the Ecowitt station and finally I got the device and all the entities in there, but all disabled by config.

If you go on Settings - Device and Services , Integration tab, clicking on the 3 dots top right you should have a Disabled entry, Show could be the Old Ecowitt integration on old port . Enable it (it would show the old port still) , but once enabled the red notice would be gone and all would be fixed.