Ecowitt no connection

I do have a Ecowitt rain collector. I’d like to integrate it into my Home Assistant. It gives me a unknown error. Can someone configure it for me please?
unknown error

We can’t do it for you, but we can try to help.
Have you checked Ecowitt - Home Assistant ?

Yes, I did. That’s how the error appeared.

Have you searched the forum: Search results for 'ecowitt' - Home Assistant Community
There are some solved posts regarding this.

Yeah, but no items about “unknown error” as seen on my HA.

To get more assistance, it would be helpful if you could list all the steps you took to try and setup the Ecowitt rain collector in Home Assistant.

ie. Are you using the Ecowitt integration in HA or the one from HACS?
How have you configured the sensor in the WSView App on your phone so that it communicates with HA?

The more details you can provide the more chances that someone here on the forums can assist you.