Editing UI helpers

I tried to use the recommended Helpers through the UI (in the Automations section of the Configuration). In particular, I created several Light Groups. Everything works well, except I can find no way to edit such Helpers once they are created. They do not seem to be reflected in any YAML file I could find, not does the UI allow to modify them once they are created. How can I add more lights to an already created group for instance?

From the list of helpers in the automations section, click on the one you want to edit.

From the next screen, click “configure state”. You will be able to add or remove devices to the group.


You may also have the bug I encountered. If you don’t see the dialog box above, but a different one, click on the word Settings and it magically appears.

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Thanks! The button is there and it works! Somehow I managed to miss it. Feeling a bit stupid right now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don´t do, then I do not either :upside_down_face:
Found this thread when I was searching for answers to the same question you had…

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had same issue, number value helpers had Settings and Related tabs but settings were empty, took some time and accidentally clicked twice on the tab name, just coming back to it with single click didnt reveal settings.

Don’t feel stupid, I did the same thing. This is what happens when buttons don’t look like buttons and more like headers so you intuitively skip over them but thanks to thread - problem solved :yum:

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For anyone else coming across this now, it is called Group Options. It very much does look like a header.

I wasted a lot of brain cells on this, too.
To clarify for how things look now:
Settings/Devices & Services/Helpers (at the top)
Click desired helper
Click the Gear

Looks like it changed AGAIN - I can’t seem to find out how to add Tariff’s to the Utility Meter. And no, the Utility Meter options link does not help: