Eiffel Tower Strobe Light

Hi all… I am working on a birthday gift for my wife. I had ordered one of the defunct strobe lights off the Eiffel Tower. My plan is I have ordered a replacement strobe PC board and I want to install a Raspberry Pi running home assistant and some sort of relay mechanism to turn on the strobe light when the sun sets in Paris and every hour on the hour until midnight just like the Eiffel Tower. The part I’m looking up on is the bored that I would use to plug into the raspberry and what would the command be to open and close it. Configuration.yaml I would put the lat and long of Paris but what would be the if then or statement to be written to start the flashing. I’m done with the project I will be posting pictures and the file that I used so that others if they wish to impress their woman or man with this type of gift. Also wants configured everything needs to be self-contained where just plugging it in is all you need to do. I will be connecting via Wi-Fi but would even look at installing some sort of atomic clock so no internet would be needed. Thanks in advance go home assistant!

Impossible to say without knowing more about the hardware. What sort of voltage and current does it need? How many switches are involved? (Just on and off, or are there other controls?)

No switches… 110v… Just plug in the wall and let it go… have the pi and 5v transformer… thinking of running the 110v that powers the strobe thru relay to close the contact when time to run…

That is simple enough then. Although weird that a French device would use 110v when France is a 240v country.

Buy a raspi relay and use the Raspberry Pi GPIO switch component. https://www.home-assistant.io/components/switch.rpi_gpio/

Sun based automations are covered in the standard docs.

Thanks i kind of figured the 220 issue so i ordered a 110 strobe kit to build… Thanks