Eink 'Nan' on display - cant work it out!

Evening, i have two eink displays - the one with partial refresh (2.9 inch) works fine, pulling in mqtt data from HA.

The other, a 4.5 inch refreshes but the data points are shown as NAN. The data comes in but it seems to be after the screen refreshes.

I have been looking around the forum and wrapped my print function in an has_state (for example):

 if (id(outtemp).has_state()) {
      it.printf(40, 85, id(roboto), "%.1f", id(outtemp).state);

but no joy.

I am at a loss, any ideas or hints would be great,


When searching for help on the same problem, I came across this, so I thought I’d add the answer:

You need to add the esphome device to home assistant.

Thanks Calvin - i did work it out in the end - it was a very human level error to make!

Thanks for replying, tbh I should have replied to my own thread with the answer as well.