Electric curtains Aqara or Tuya, Zigbee

I am looking to buy several (six) electric curtains for our home.

I found several solutions:

  1. Aqara smart motor B1(wifi or Zigbee) ~ € 95

  2. Tuya smart motor (wifi or Zigbee) ~ € 30

I started 1 year ago with HA + MQTT on a RPi4 with five Sonoff mini’s (tasmota)

This working perfectly :slight_smile:

But I am getting a worried that my wifi network is getting overloaded with al the communication.

I am looking for some advice:

  • Is the Tuya motor as good as Aqara?

  • Is the best route to move over to zigbee?

  • Has any one experience connecting the Tuya motor to Xiaomi Gateway 3?

  • And is all working?

Thank you for your feedback!