Electric solenoid hardware for a gate?

Few people have done similar on YouTube here, again and here.

But I’m not really sure whether I can use cheap linear solenoids like these or whether I have to spend hundreds of £ or something in between?

I know one of the links I posted to YouTube shows a linear actuator not a solenoid.

I would rather not use maglocks if possible, but I do know that’s an option. I quite like the idea of shooting bolts into the floor and frame of my shed door rather than relying on one maglock at the top. It’s a thin wooden gate so would flex quite a lot at the bottom if using a maglock.

One at bottom and one at top

Wouldn’t work for my setup. But thanks

I imagine this being a swinging gate. For solenoid to work the object must be in fixed position then solenoid engaged. I dont think this will work well for swinging gate since you must hold it to engage and my use of swinging gate is just close it and walk away. If there is a latch on gate, yes, solenoid will work well since latch should hold it in position. you will have tolerance so you may need some 3mm or so on all sides of solenoid to ensure it isnt missing the hole.