Electricity meter integration

Good day,
please help with the integration of the electricity meter into “Home Assistant”.
This is a 3f electricity meter with eZigbee communication XOCA-DAC7361 BI
The electricity meter is connected to the network using “SONOFF ZIGBEE 3.0 USB DONGLE E”
After integration only “LQI”, “RSSI” entities are available
Here is the code

  "node_descriptor": "NodeDescriptor(logical_type=<LogicalType.Router: 1>, complex_descriptor_available=0, user_descriptor_available=0, reserved=0, aps_flags=0, frequency_band=<FrequencyBand.Freq2400MHz: 8>, mac_capability_flags=<MACCapabilityFlags.AllocateAddress|RxOnWhenIdle|MainsPowered|FullFunctionDevice: 142>, manufacturer_code=4417, maximum_buffer_size=66, maximum_incoming_transfer_size=66, server_mask=10752, maximum_outgoing_transfer_size=66, descriptor_capability_field=<DescriptorCapability.NONE: 0>, *allocate_address=True, *is_alternate_pan_coordinator=False, *is_coordinator=False, *is_end_device=False, *is_full_function_device=True, *is_mains_powered=True, *is_receiver_on_when_idle=True, *is_router=True, *is_security_capable=False)",
  "endpoints": {
    "1": {
      "profile_id": 260,
      "device_type": "0x0051",
      "in_clusters": [
      "out_clusters": [
    "242": {
      "profile_id": 41440,
      "device_type": "0x0061",
      "in_clusters": [],
      "out_clusters": [
  "manufacturer": "_TZE200_x8fp01wi",
  "model": "TS0601",
  "class": "zigpy.device.Device"

Thank you

Josef Nešvara

Seems this 3-phases model needs some updates similar to what was done for 1-phase version XOCA-DAC2161C.
If you use ZHA for zigbee, same issue for 1-phase version was discussed here: [Device Support Request] tuya DINRail Power meter TS0601_TZE200_lsanae15 · Issue #1768 · zigpy/zha-device-handlers · GitHub
For Zigbee2MQTT the issue seems resolved here:
New version of device TS0601 _TZE200_lsanae15 by prokudin07 · Pull Request #4938 · Koenkk/zigbee-herdsman-converters · GitHub
Please try the device first with Zigbee2MQTT and if not working, create [New device support] issue here: Issues · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub

Thank you,
I will let you know if I manage to solve the problem

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Thank you, I consider the same device but only if it works in z2mqtt…

Good day,
I have good news. I installed Zigbee2MQTT in my HA and in it this electricity meter works together with SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle E

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Work perfect for me

Can you please specify your question?