Electricity rate entity for date periods

Hello everyone,

I’ve searched a lot but haven’t found anything suitable.
I would like to use an entity for the electricity price in the Energy Dashboard.

My tariff changes at irregular intervals, e.g. due to a change of provider etc.

Is it possible to create an array or similar for this price entity where the price is set for a range of dates?

startDate | EndDate | €/kWh
01.02.2021 | 31.12.2021 | 0.28
01.01.2022 | 15.05.2022 | 0.30
16.05.2022 | 31.12.2022 | 0.22

A GUI would be best for something like this to maintain your tariffs, but I haven’t seen anything like it and a corresponding entry in configration.yaml would be enough for me.

If this should work and I change the cost from a static value to an entity, will this also be adjusted retrospectively?
Or can I trigger this somewhere?

Thank you very much for your help

I am looking for a similar feature. Contract prices have changed and I would like to keep the old prices against the older dates and the new prices for the newer months forward. A table with dates, start and end plus the pricing would be very welcome.

Would like the energy dashboard to automatically use those rates when changing the period, month or year etc. I also have two tariffs for electricity, day and night.

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Did you find a solution for this ?

I did not find a way to solution this yet. If anyone has an example or config that is able to do this that would be much appreciated.

Old post but still relevant. How does HA work with the energy tarif sensors? Does is measure point in time against the current value that you have set for each of the sensors? I.e. the price is set at 1 euro per kWh today (Sep 5) it will store 10kWh * 1 euro is 10 euro. If I then change the tarif to 2 euro tomorrow, Sep 6, would it then store 20 euro for that sensor and still show 10 euro for the date Sep 5?

If this is the case, we just need to be very strict in updating the price value as soon as it happens, if this is not how it works and it recalculates retroactively based on the current tariff value in HA, then we need to start keeping history pricies with a start and end date for each sensor. Next questions is how to embed that in reporting…

Are there any solutions for this?

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