Elk M1 Alarm: arm/disarm silently via automation

Our au pair comes home late and wakes up my wife when she turns the alarm off, then on again.

I know that I can disable arming/disarming sounds in the Elk full time, but what I’d really like to do is all her to arm/disarm via the HA app silently, while “normal” arming and disarming still has all the beeps and voices.

Wondering if there is a general approach to this that someone might recommend so I can start digging into the details.


Apparently you can create a rule to enable/disable “non-alarm voice announcements” according to a schedule. I haven’t tried it so you’ll need to test it for yourself to see if it suppresses the arming/disarming voice messages.

If you have door chime enabled (chimes whenever doors are opened/closed), I believe that’s a separate function that can be enabled/disabled.

Apologies if my advice doesn’t sound definitive. I installed and programmed my ELK M1 over 15 years ago and haven’t had to touch its programming in over a decade. My familiarity with its programming is not only rusty but based on a very old version of firmware.