Elm M1 - Temporarily stop warning chimes via HA

WITHOUT FAIL, any issue with the Elk M1 that results in a 30 sec. repeating warning chime happens when I am out of town, and my spouse has to deal with it (and loses her mind).

Pressing * on the panel mutes the alert only for as long as it is detected again and repeats.

I’d really like to create a switch in HA that would also disable (mute, auto-ack, anything) the warning chimes. I’ve been experimenting with a variety of methods that involve triggering an Elk Rule that would disable the chimes, but I cannot find anything that actually silences them even within ElkRP.

Anyone have an idea for a general strategy here?

Like you said: pressing the * will temporarily silence the alert. But you must enter your code to acknowledge the alert.

You should be able to detect any system trouble using the system_trouble_status attribute and have an automation to enter your code to manage it.

BUT I would really want my spouse to know and understand what those events are so that she can make an informed decision about what to do in case it’s something serious before she acknowledges it. I would hate to have an automation hide or mute an event that could potentially be serious.

>I would really want my spouse to know and understand what those events are

Yeah, you tell her that :slight_smile:

The idea is that she can tell me and I can disable remotely. What do you mean by an automation that "enters code to manage it? The only disabling I’ve seen (entering code or not) only temporarily silences it, and it will typically start back up at some random interval of hours later.

You could try an automation to detect the system trouble status, then call an appropriate service (like elkm1.sensor_zone_bypass) which requires the 4 or 6 digit alarm code.