Elro Connect in Home Assistant

Hi Everyone,

In my house I have Elro Connect, that is a connector for my fire and also has some additional sensors. I would like that to combine is with my zwave configuration in Home Assistant.

Is there already a component or how can I setup the integration.

The device it self is connected via wifi:

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You can search all the official home assistant integrations here:

If it’s not there someone may have created a custom component. The only way to find that is to search these forums or use Google.

thanks for your response. I have looked in the list and did not find any information. Is this the best place to ask for people who maybe worked with it?

Yes it is.

I am searching as well for connection with elro K1

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This guy is working on it:

He’s looking for people willing to test it, so …

There is an implementation of the Elro connects system, that can publish MQTT topics: GitHub - dib0/elro_connects: The ELRO Connects uses a propriety protocol on the local network over UDP. This is the reversed engineered python implementation of the protocol.

Disclaimer: I’m one of the main contributors.

I’ve been publishing a PR https://github.com/home-assistant/core/pull/71113 to implement elro_connects as an integration.
Initially this will implement the siren platform and support the fire/smoke/CO/water and heat alarm type devices. To test the alarm the siren can be switched on. Turning the switch off will silence the (test) alarm.
Later sensors for battery, signal and device_state will be added.

Hi, very nice solution…i have also a gateway and three smoke sensors, the devices looks like yours and the app which i have to use called family well…is it possible to connect my devices to the elro app or the home assistant intigration with the familywell app?Screenshot_1

The PR is still out for review. In the mean while you can use the integration as custom integration using HACS.

If any one wants to review the PR or test please go ahead!

I have the repository in HACS and can install the integration. After restart I can’t find anything about the integration in Home assistant.

Installed HACS and elro connect, my only question i have at this moment how do i then add the devices which are connected ? Or should this be done automaticly after xx minutes ?

Onboard the devices with the Elro Connect app and give them a proper name. You probably already have done this.

The devices (and new ones) will be added automatically when setting up the integration in HA.
Adding to HA should happen immediately after setting up.