Elster Thermis Alpha optical port readout using Frient?

So i have the Elster Thermis Alpha gas meter.

This is the manual: https://docuthek.kromschroeder.com/documents/download.php?lang=de&doc=43995

It has a optical interface, but i see no red led coming out of it like with the electricity meter. Could it be disabled? There’s an engineering menu on the interface but 1234 or 123456 don’t work.

Here’s another link: https://sse.co.uk/v3/assets/blt09078e271abddd45/blt280b129b2f38f484/5b4dedb446591e820b82b444/energy-electronic-index-smart-gas-meter.pdf

I’m assuming the Frient would be compatible with the above optical protocol but would it work with the above gas meter? Anyone have any experience with that? Zigbeemqtt has a setting for gas for it, so i don’t see why it wouldn’t unless they disabled the port for some reason.

I just read this in a honeywell manual (elster seems to be honeywell rebranded):
Establishing an optical

communications link

In order to configure the electronic index for the

respective application, the optical communica

tions link must be activated.

Position the

opto-adapter head on the interface


Press any user key.

Optical communication is enabled for 1 minute.

If the optical communications link is not used

during this time, the interface will be deactivated.

Initiate communication.

The procedure depends on your user software.

Soooo i guess i just place it and see what happens.