Emporia vs OpenEVSE vs Other for Home Assistant Controlled Change Rate

I am looking for a ev charger that I can us home assistant to control the charge rate. I am interested in experiences automating charge rate with home assistant. What charger have people used? I’m in the USA so some of the chargers that people have mentioned are not available.


So I spent some time looking around. I was disappointed to find out that the Emporia control is not local. I like the idea of OpenEVSE, but it isn’t UL rated. There is a UL-rated version at a high price premium. I trust the folks at OpenEVSE. However, I don’t trust insurance to accept that the unit is essentially UL-rated when something else goes wrong and burns my house down.

Based on what I have found, Wallbox seems like the best bet with a mature, unfortunately, cloud-based, Home Assistant integration.

More to come…

I don’t have experience with this, but if you can find an OCPP compliant charger, there is an OCPP integration for HA.
Supported devices

I do have experience with this: If you have a Tesla EV, you can control charge rate through this integration. (cloud-based via the Tesla API)

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Thanks for the feedback. I have a Polestar, not a Tesla. I will look into OCPP.

My solar and storage system is Tesla based, so I have that working locally.


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I ended up buying a Wallbox on eBay. It arrived today, and the integration with Home Assitant looks significantly better than the Juicebox devices. I will add more as things unfold.

I am not blaming the folks trying to get the Juicebox working with HomeAssistant. I commend them for their efforts and appreciate them. I had a terrible experience using the Juicebox app to control the charger, so the issues are something that an outsider can fix.

It looks like Wallbox supports OCPP. Again, more to come…