Emulate double-click for generic Zigbee light switch?

I have a generic wired Zigbee 3.0 dimmer switch with a rotary knob and click toggle. It is fully supported by ZHA (and I presume Zigbee2MQTT) without the use of quirks, and the built-in functionality works flawlessly.

I’d now like to add custom actions for double-clicks, which the switch doesn’t natively support. Something like what @epmatt’s Awesome HA Blueprints implement for Ikea and other wireless switches. HA reports toggles in the logbook, but as far as I can tell, they’re not captured by zha_event.

Does anybody know of an existing way to do something like this, or a straightforward way to write/adapt a blueprint for it? Thanks in advance!

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Did you ever feel a solution to this? This is exactly what I’m keen to do also.
Was thinking of getting the Mercator Ikuu light switches and see if it’s possible to do something like this.

Sadly I never found a way or even any clues that could help to code something up myself…

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