Emulated Hue and Brilliant Home Control

I’m so frustrated right now. I had this working. For a few years in fact. But I wanted to start over and removed the Emulate Hue (Phillips Hue on Brilliant) integration from the Brilliant Home Control. Now I can not get them paired again. The Brilliant Home Control is telling me to push the button on the bridge. As we know, the “button” on the Emulated Hue is “always pushed”. This message should not come up, and indeed did not when I first set this up years ago.

I’ve run http://HA IP Address:80/description.xml and http://HA IP Address:80/api/v2/lights and both give me the correct results. In fact, my Harmony Hub picked up the HA Emulated Hue no problem.

Anyone run into this and know the trick to get this to work?


Unfortunately, I could not find a solution to this problem. I resorted to using the diyHue HA integration, but it’s not the most stable application, and despite having a way to push the button, it keeps losing connection to my entities.

I’d much prefer to use the built-in emulated hue feature with my Brilliant Control, but at some point in the past year it stopped working. It’s either a problem with the Brilliant or Home Assistant itself.

Thanks for the reply.

This has been a very interesting journey indeed.

I’ve had a conversation with Brilliant support to try and figure out if something changed on their end, given that Discovery used to work and now it doesn’t. After being told that nothing had changed I later got a different story. Indeed, it seems that Brilliant has changed something.

I do not claim to understand how any of this works, but this is the comment I got from Brilliant Support:

“One thing that did change with the Hue integration recently was we switched the discovery of Hue to use MDNS instead of UPnP Hue will be deprecating UPnP). It may be possible the virtual hub mentioned doesn’t implement MDNS properly so we cannot find it on our end after switching the discovery method.”

So this evidently is why Emulated Hue will no longer work with Brilliant Home Controls. Nobody has fixed this in Emulated Hue. Frustrating.

The other part of this interesting journey is that I discovered, quite by accident, that there is/was a replacement Emulated Hue being developed to replace the existing one. It looked really promising at first. I got through the Discovery process painlessly. But I don’t think it is ready for us end users yet (hence why the “official” Emulated Hue is still the old version). There is a yaml file that is automatically generated that has all the devices that have a “light.” attribute. No switches. And the readme documentation talks about changing (in the yaml) the enabled attribute to false for any devices you don’t want. I discovered that this does not work as the yaml file, in it’s entirety, is being rebuilt/replaced constantly back to it’s original state. No changes to the yaml file will stick. Frustrating.

I have no idea if anyone is working on this. Github is not my friend and I have no idea how to get in touch with developers. If anyone working on the Emulated Hue Integration sees this, please respond!