Emulated hue - Bridge not discoverd, no entities exposed


listen_port: 80
expose_by_default: false
lights_all_dimmable: true
 - light
# - media_player
# - scene
# - lock
 - switch
# - cover
    name: "Testschalter"
    hidden: false

<root xmlns="urn:schemas-upnp-org:device-1-0">
<friendlyName>Home Assistant Bridge (</friendlyName>
<manufacturer>Royal Philips Electronics</manufacturer>
<modelDescription>Philips hue Personal Wireless Lighting</modelDescription>
<modelName>Philips hue bridge 2015</modelName>

{"1": {"state": {"on": true, "reachable": true, "mode": "homeautomation", "bri": 254}, "name": "Testschalter", "uniqueid": "00:b6:8a:10:90:b8:f3:99-16", "manufacturername": "Home Assistant", "swversion": "123", "type": "Dimmable light", "modelid": "HASS123"}}

But! https://discovery.meethue.com/:


This is only my dedicated Hue Bridge, not the emulated one.
Neither Bridge is discoverd, nor entitiie is exposed.

2020-11-30 08:09:22 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.setup] Setting up emulated_hue
2020-11-30 08:09:22 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.setup] Setup of domain emulated_hue took 0.0 seconds

I try now for many many days, can’t get it work.
Someone got a hint for me.

Is alexa on the same subnet as the emulated hue bridge?

Yes. Two Echo dots and two Alexa Apps in the same subnet.

echo dot1
echo dot2

If i try to connect the emulated hue via HUE Essentials i get a error “missing name field”. I dont know if this is related.

I know from discussions around “habridge” that alex has a very large “cache problem”… ahving multiple echoes on the same network, deleting devices, rediscovering etc…

To be honest, I have no clear answer. What you can try is to delete go to “alexa.amazon.com” and try from there. Restart homeassistant, power down all echoes and only use 1 at a time to discover…

That’s all I know…

I tried disconnecting all alexa devices, add some more entities to emulated_hue.yaml, rebooted HA, powerde up one alexa device.
Nothing shows up in alexa when searching for new devices.
I’m out of ideas.

> `{"3": {"state": {"on": true, "reachable": true, "mode": "homeautomation", "bri": 254}, "name": "Diele_hell", "uniqueid": "00:19:d8:a2:e8:24:1b:5a-ec", "manufacturername": "Home Assistant", "swversion": "123", "type": "Dimmable light", "modelid": "HASS123"}, "4": {"state": {"on": true, "reachable": true, "mode": "homeautomation", "bri": 254}, "name": "Klo", "uniqueid": "00:75:5d:70:52:de:84:f8-51", "manufacturername": "Home Assistant", "swversion": "123", "type": "Dimmable light", "modelid": "HASS123"}, "1": {"state": {"on": true, "reachable": true, "mode": "homeautomation", "bri": 254}, "name": "Testschalter", "uniqueid": "00:b6:8a:10:90:b8:f3:99-16", "manufacturername": "Home Assistant", "swversion": "123", "type": "Dimmable light", "modelid": "HASS123"}}`

I have exactly the same issue. Have you finally managed to solve it?

did you ever figure this out?

Anyone ever managed to solve this? Have the exact same problem…

I tried any configuration I could find, but had no success with Alexa finding the bridge.
Furthermore I tried GitHub - hass-emulated-hue/core: Hue Emulation for Home Assistant. Here I got to a point, where the bridge was found by the third party app “Hue essentials”, but still could not be added neither there nor in Alexa
(same issue as here: Emulated Hue + Hue Essentials = "Missing conditions field!" · Issue #43222 · home-assistant/core · GitHub).

After 6+ hours of fiddling, I ended up configuring the Alexa Smart Home skill in ~40 minutes: