Emulated Hue broken with Alexa in 0.35.2

Since upgrading to the 0.35.2 release, the emulated Hue support has been wonky.

If I tell Alexa to turn on a lamp for example - “Alexa, turn on Den Lamp”. The light comes on but then Alexa barks out:

“Sorry, the device Den Lamp is not responding. Please check its network connection and power supply.”

This didn’t happen with the older release so I’m wondering what was changed in the emulated Hue support.

Yeah I am getting the same thing. For me it only happens when emulated_hue activates a scene. It doesn’t report an error on individual lights.

Same issue here. I only use emulated_hue for scenes. Starting with 0.35.3, triggering a scene with our Echo always causes Alexa to report that the “device is not found,” even though the scene activates successfully.

After further investigation this doesn’t seem to be the result of a change to HA—I downgraded to 0.34.5 and the issue persists :grimacing:.

It is a bug ONLY with scenes and scripts:

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This will be fixed in the next release.

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Thanks for the info, @abmantis and @aneisch!

when is it coming?)

I’m running 0.35.3, and Alexa no longer discovers new devices added to Home Assistant. To troubleshoot, I tried “forgetting” all of my existing devices in the Alexa app, disabling and re-enabling the emulated_hue component in HA, and then running discovery again in Alexa. That was a bad idea, because it still doesn’t work and now all of my existing devices are gone. So basically, the link between my Home Assistant instance and Alexa has been severed :frowning:

Any ETA on the next release? I don’t mean to complain; I do appreciate the hard work of everyone on the HA team. :+1:

All of my devices are visible when I go to http://:8300/api/pi/lights, but for some reason Alexa is not seeing them. Also, I added a couple of new devices last week after I upgraded to 0.35.3 and Alexa discovered them without a problem. Only yesterday did I notice this issue when I tried to get Alexa to discover a few new light switches I added. So I’m guessing that Amazon recently made a change on their end that broke the Emulated Hue component.

I have none of your problem.

Some possibilities: you have a fix IP for your hue bridge? Did you do a clean up of the hue bridge?

I don’t actually have a Hue Bridge; I run Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi with an Aeotec Gen5 ZStick and I use the Emulated Hue component so that Alexa can see the ZWave switches I have in my house and control them as if they were Hue lights. The Pi does have a static IP address, but I don’t think that should make a difference.

I had this same problem a few months ago, and spent weeks chasing it. It’s very unlikely what you’re experiencing has anything to do with the problem this thread is about; what’s probably happening is that you have too many devices exposed as emulated_hue. I had every single symptom you’re having, to the letter – existing devices worked with Alexa, but it wouldn’t discover new ones. Once I reset Alexa, it wouldn’t work with any of them at all. They showed up in the API, but Alexa wouldn’t find them.

Turns out, if you go over a certain device limit (around 40 or 50 I think) with the emulated hue component, somewhere between that and your Echo it will silently fail and just say it can’t find anything. The solution is to set expose_by_default to false (I think that’s the setting, I’m not at my computer right now), and then selectively expose only the devices you need to access via Alexa. As soon as I did that, everything started working again.

I can confirm everything is back to normal for me after upgrading to 0.36 :thumbsup:.