Emulated Hue & Harmony - media player volume

I wanted to control a media player’s volume (in this case Google Home) via the Harmony remote home automation buttons (Companion remote model). Emulated Hue is able to pair with the Harmony, and I have assigned a power outlet button to the media_player that represents the Google Home.

I expected that I could hit the home automation button on the remote and then adjust the volume. However, when pressed the automation button is trying to turn on the Google Home (it’s already on most of the time). Is there a way to have the on command from Harmony essentially “do nothing” but put the remote in the mode where I can control the volume via dimming buttons?

EDIT: The sample code for a template light shows how to do this, works well with emulated hue: https://www.home-assistant.io/components/light.template/

Not if you are using emulated hue as the bridge. Emulated hue treats everything as a light so the on command is always sent when the brightness changes. In your case, the brightness is being used as the volume control. Emulated hue does not understand anything but on/off and brightness. So anything that it controls is faking out a lightblub and you have to deal with those constraints.