Emulated Wemo device has multiple switches at the same IP address but only the first switch is discovered

I have a device that uses Wemo emulation. The device has eight switches (power outlets), individually controllable. The device has a single IP address and each switch has a unique identifier, such as ea8763020, ea8763021, ea8763022, etc. I have enabled discovery for Wemo devices, but only the first switch device is discovered. Once discovered, that device works as expected.

How can I get discovery to find the remaining 7 devices. If that isn’t possible, how to I manually create these entities?


Hi @adwoodworth ,

I am trying to do the same any luck for you.


My problem has been resolved, but I have no idea how. I just removed the integration and added it again, did some updates before returning to HA, firmware updates on the device, and when I did it was working.