Enabling cross domain iframe access for HA login page

Hi guys, i am currently trying to get my HA dashboard as my wallpaper background using wallpaper engine, that would be hella handy.

But i cant get past the login because wallpaper engine does not take keyboard input.

I could write a small script inside wallpaper engine that finds the password field, types in my PW and logs me in, that would allow me to control my lights directly from my desktop. which would be awsome.

But i need to enable cross domain iframe access. which is done with a few lines of code…

But i dont know how to access the HA webpage files to add those lines.

Any idea?

(what i need to do with the HA dashboard site: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9393532/cross-domain-iframe-issue/9393545)

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I have the same problem. Because of the the same origin issue, no way to show my own html page.
Another issue is no way to shown flash in iframe with chrome. any idea?

Thanks in advance.

You can disable the use of x frame options in the configuartion. It solves the problem for wallpaper engine