Energy cost consumption tracking (import/export)

Dear All,

I have started to use the Home Assistant about 2 months ago. The HA is very great and “huge” system as I can see … and a lot of things can be implement here!
My first “project” was to implement the (electric) power usage from our solar system/grid and export consumption. This is completed and working perfectly with 2pcs Eastron SDM630 Modbus v2 devices via RS485 communication.

Now, I would like to see consumption/compensation cost from/to the grid.
I have started to read the Utility Meter - Home Assistant , but my energy provider calculate the price differently.
They are selling (import) first 210 kWh on different price and the all other will be the same, plus I need to pay for the “system usage”.
And as I know the export (to grid) will be calculated on a different price, because they are not calculate or add the “system usage” as they did on the selling price.

Here is the short calculation
Import till 210 kWh/month: 0,0954 EUR / kW (system usage included)
Import over 210 kWh/month: 0,1894 EUR / kw (system usage included)
Export till 210 kWh/month: 0,0119 EUR / kW
Export over 210 kWh/month: 0,0861 EUR / kW

Somebody can help me how can I set it up this calculation in my HA system?

Many thanks!