Energy Cost Decimal Place (£/kWh showing pounds not pence)

My utility supplier in the UK has two rates based on how much energy is consumed … direct quote below

All Periods - First 2 kWh each Day at 35.21p per kWh, thereafter at 19.73p. Standing Charge is £0. Prices are inclusive of Vat at 5%

Due to this I’ve created three text based ‘Helpers’
So if my daily consumption is over 2, it’ll shift to Tariff2

The issue now is the cost is reading £35,21 not £0.35.210p
Is there a way around this?

I have encountered the same problem, though my data is coming from my smart meter over MQTT. Data comes in as pence, but it is interpreted by HA as pounds

I have the opposite problem. My sensor delivers cost in SEK, but Energy integration seems to divide it by 100.

Not sure if it’ll help anybody, but I had to shift over the decimal place to somewhat fix this.

Still isn’t accurate though, would like the ability to alter this slightly to match what why energy supplier is outputting.