Energy cost modeling

A very handy feature would be a modelling tool that allows a person to input rates provided by energy companies tariffs and outputs costings based on historic usage.
I have been working on a spreadsheet to model costs depending on which supplier/tariff I choose, with forced or no forced charging of batteries etc and it takes ages. There is however a lovely set of data in HA already which if I had a simple interface to use it as a source I could see what the differences were by just changing import and export costs.
It would need to allow multiple import and export costs based on time or cheap night or similar tariffs would not be possible.
I know there is a Jupyter Labs plugin, but I installed that and the demo failed and I have not yet been able to work out what I need to do to get it working and understand how it could be used for this. If I figure it out Then a Jupyter labs document would probably do all that is needed for this request.