Energy Cost with `Use an entity with current price` from cents

I’m using nordpool to calculate my energy costs but the sensor.nordpool is in cents (öre in swedish) and the energy costs is using SEK. This makes my energy costs showing 2 decimals wrong.

Is there an easy way to recalculate sensor.nordpool from “öre” to “kr” somehow? Maybe a helper or can I change how energy consumption is calculating?

I want to use “öre” in other places so I don’t want to delete this sensor.nordpool and add a new one.

Is there possible to add another nordpool sensor with SEK/kWh instead of öre/kWh?

You could create a Template Sensor that takes the input from the nordpool sensor, divides it by 100 and spits it out as SEK/kWh. Along these lines:

  - sensor:
    - name: "Electric Price"
      device_class: "monetary"
      unit_of_measurement: "SEK/kWh"
      state: >-
        {{ (states('sensor.nordpool')|float(0) / 100 | round(3) }}