Energy Dash with tuya devices?

Hello, I have many devices with energy monitoring and I they work fine with the energy dashboard, but yesterday I config 2 new tuya sensors and I see the energy monitoring on device but I can’t add them to energy dash

this is the sensors

and I dont see them here

ok. I found a solution , I added this sensor

- platform: integration
  source: sensor.smart_plug_power
  name: energy pc
  unit_prefix: k
  round: 2

and now I can add this sensor to energy dash

Can I ask how you integrated your tuya device? I can only get a simple switch entity showing up so far - none of the energy monitoring data.

do you have energy monitoring on tuya devices?
there is 2 kinds of tuya devices , with energy monitoring and without energy monitoring

Hi. Yes, there is energy data showing up in the Tuya app.
I have tried both the Tuya and the local HACS integrations briefly. Both just bring up a switch. Wondering if any extra config is required to pull the energy sensor data.

you can screenshot the device page? I want to see what you see

Hi @Noy1122

Thanks for the help.

Hi, you can show me the official integration?
I use it with energy monitor with the official integration.
All other devices on local tuya :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Oh reinstalling the official Tuya integration has worked. Needed to enable the sensors, but they’re there.
They don’t seem to be available in the Energy section of homeassistant - did you have any luck there?

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having the same isso did you found a solution?

The current en power entity are disabled by default (don’t know why)

Just turn them on - wait 30 seconds and it shows up

Settings → devices and services → entities (top) → search for ‘tuya’ → check in the last column for the disabled entities → click on them → ‘gear’-icon → enable