Energy Dashboard configuration | Price decimal count


Back when I’ve setup my energy dashboard, I’ve entered the tarrif prices with 5 decimals (as they are in my contract).
My contract changed, thus I wanted to update the prices in the dashboard of course. However, I now can’t enter values with more than 2 decimal places. If I enter more, it is considered incorrect and it tells me the nearest valid values are ones that are round up to 2 decimal places.

Was this change intended? It seems odd to me.

If it was intended, is there a workaround? Over time, there can be quite a difference in what I’ll actually be expected to pay and what home-assistant will show me.

Any updates to this? I just set up my energy dashboard and set fixed prices as well. I also have tarrif prices with 5 decimals, but even when I tried to use only 2 decimals, those numbers just don’t add right. For this test, I set up fixed price for 0,12€/kWh for each phase, and for some reason HA calculates them still all wrong:

I simply create two number helpers, one for Electricity Import Rate and one for Electricity Export Rate. As unit of measurement, I entered EUR/MWh as to move the decimal three spaces to the right. So you can simply enter your current rate multiplied by a thousand, which should eliminate all but one or two decimal places. I’ll update soon if it shows me the correct price ^^