Energy dashboard lacks consumption?


I’m trying to set up the energy dashboard. I’ve already learned that it’s only a slow pace meter and only accepts energy sensors in kWh. Okay.

Usually those diagrams have four nodes: solar production, battery, consumption and grid.

Why does HA only have three? I don’t get it. You can set grid, but grid is not what you consume in the household. Consumption is solar production plus the delta you get from the grid or export.

What’s the idea behind this?

Also, I’ve set the energy device_class, state_class and unit_of_measurement like ten times already. It keeps forgetting about it and then complains that the state is unknown.

I’ve set it in developer tools → states → select entity and put the configuration in the status attribute text area.


Edit: I fixed the unit issue by putting it into a customize.yaml. That seems to be permanent - so far. However, I still don’t understand the logic of not having the consumption in the diagram.