Energy Dashboard Not Showing Activity

After updating to 2021.9.5 my energy dashboard stopped showing any activity as shown below.

I’m using the Slimme Lezer to push values over mqtt and the entities are still functional, I built a temporary dashboard in Grafana to show current energy usage.

Any ideas as to why the Energy dashboard does not show anything even though the entities still work?

I already tried removing the Consumed Tarif’s and adding them back in and I updated to 2021.9.6 but this didn’t work.

Did you follow such requirement :slight_smile:

For 2021.9 onwards
Only requirements for sensors to show up in Energy is that they are measuring kWh
and that they have a state_class: total_increasing

If you previously customised your sensors to work in 2021.8 by adding last_reset and state_class: measurement you should remove the former and change the latter. You can do that same as before (see bullet points in previous pinned message).

You are correct the state_class was set incorrectly. To fix this I had to update the device with latest firmware from SlimmeLezer – Marcel Zuidwijk.

For anyone that has the same issue simply browse to the ipaddress of your slimmelezer and upload the bin file from there. Updating took several hours for me but once finished just connect to the slimmelezer access point and reassign it to your WiFi.