Energy Dashboard not showing up after system crash

my system has been running fine for the pass year or so, but last night my VM Home assistant was force to crash close, due to the host proxmox having issues,

I think I have resolve the Proxmox issue, but when I go into my HA, and look at my dashboard, I am not seeing the Energy Tab, also when I go into the dashboard options I am getting “error whilke loading page lovelace”

looking at my logs, I am not able to see why my energy

I have also done a bit of googling and I see that something talk about putting the word
into my configuration.yaml, but this didn’t resolve the issue.

is there a way to get the energy board back. i have rebooted HA a few times in the hope that it will return back it hasn’t

my build is: HA 12.4
HA Core 2024.6.4