Energy Dashboard Random Bad Readings

Been struggling with this for a while, every day at some point there will be bad data that gets pulled into the energy dashboard way overstating solar production and consumption.

Looking at the sensors the data looks right but looking at the history of the reported values to the dashboard shows these random spikes.

Anyone else had this happen and how did you fix?


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And the actual entity, shows no spikes so not sure where they are coming from…

The source data should not reset, but should always increment. From the last screenshot it looks like this entity shows daily production, but you actually need an entity that holds the total overall production. If the integration for your inverter (?) doesn’t provide such entity, you can try to play around with the utility_meter integration: Utility Meter - Home Assistant

Oh! Ok I do have it set to the daily but there are entities that track overall and won’t reset daily so let me give that a shot thanks a lot!!