Energy dashboard showing bars in graph but no numbers

I am feeding Home Assistant P1 Meter data. A small Python application is reading data from the meter every 10 seconds and once every minute I submit the most recent readings over MQTT to HA. This seems to work well, all data is coming in when I look at the entities.

I have configured the Energy dashboard to show this data and that is working partly with regard to electricity. Gas is working well. For electricity I see bars showing up every hour but the numbers that popup when hovering the mouse over the bars show only zero’s. Also the Sources section do not increment over time, they stay at zero. Even the Y-axis does not show number.

Any idea how to solve this? I wouldn’t mind starting over with setting up the Energy section or removing all entities if that would solve it.

Go to Developer Tools → Statistics. Are there any FIX ISSUE buttons next to your energy entities that you can click?

Not related to the P1 meter data. There are a few for my phone battery, but that seems not related.

For me the solution was to go back to a backup of 3 weeks ago, after trying several other things. What I learned is that it is best to have a backup before doing any drastic changes to HA.