Energy dashboard shows 100% of solar production as consumed solar when no grid measurement is present, why?

For some time I have installed a small solar plant, measurement of energy and instantaeus power of the inverter works well with the HA integration and the solar production graph is accurate (at least it’s very similar to the one provided by the inverter). I did not give it much tought until now, but the energy usage graph was always exactly the same as the solar production graph on the energy dashboard:

I finally managed to install a power meter as well (Shelly Pro 3EM) to measure the power coming from the grid and to measure the amount of power I feed back to the grid. I added the measurements of the grid connection point to the energy dashboard, but now I am confused.

Starting from 13h00 the energy usage graph is correct. But for the time before, it should remain empty as there is no way to asses this for Home Assistant because there simply is no data. However the current behavior seems to be to show the complete amount produced by PV as consumed energy.

Is there a reason for this behaviour? Or how can I get HA to not report energy usage for the time prior to today in the energy dashboard?

Proposed correction:

There must be something wrong with your exported energy sensor. Can you show the history graph for it for the same period?

Or do you mean that you did not have this sensor set up before 13:00?

If that is the case then HA has no record of energy being exported, therefore it assumes you consumed it.

Exactly, the sensor was not setup (literally inexistant as I did not yet have an installed meter that can be read from HA) before 13:00.

Aha, so this is expected behavior, thanks for the clarification!

So if I do not like this, then I’d have to manually create a sensor for exported energy for the time before today 13:00 and have its value always at 0 kWh, right?

Or just go to Developer Tools → Statistics and delete the older data (click the ramp icon next to the entity).

Thanks for the tip, I did not know this function. But for the moment I will just leave it as it is, I don’t like deleting valid data :slight_smile: