Energy Dashboard Toolbar no longer have "Year" "Month" "Weeks" "Days" button to choose from

Hi everyone,

Anybody think the same as me that the new toolbar arrangement of the energy dashboard is less functionnal or practical? Previously, we could use 5 buttons to choose the statistics to show up on the graph… (Today, Days, Month, Year and Compare).

Is there a possible way to customize that toolbar?

Using the calendar button and choose from the list is now longer and is a 2 steps operation instead of 1…

Thanks to share your thought on this fellow HA users :slight_smile:


More over, seems that changes to date selector toolbar are not fully refected in energy-date-selection card. Here is screenshot from standard energy dashboard:

And hear is the same card, when used alone in other dashboard:

Not big difference, but lack of TODAY button is quite annoying… as much as difficulties to select date that span across month breaks in calendat element of this card.

can’t confirm this…
I am using the same card on one of my other dashboards… and the TODAY button is still there.

Strange, I did try to clear the cache, refresh the page always the same result. Then I changed from Safari (on Mac) to Chrome and it looks as it should be.


Interesting is that on Safari it uses different date format, different date alignment and then there is lack of TODAY button… The same is on iPhone using Companion App and in mobile Safari.

hm… this might be a safari specific case then… maybe, you should fill out an issue on github for the frontend team to have a look into this?

Just did it!