Energy Dashboard, values not correct?

Hi All,

Quick questions about energy Dashboard. I’m using Shellies to monitor energy consumptions for some devices.
As cost I use a static entity to track the energy price. This is the code

  - sensor:
      - name: "Energy Cost Ascopiave"
        unique_id: sensor.energy_cost_ascopiave
        device_class: monetary
        unit_of_measurement: EUR/kWh
        state: 0.0829
  1. Do you know why the costs values are showing negative values from the energy dashboard?
  2. how much time do I need to wait before seeing values updated? It seems more than 2 hours
  3. If, after a month, I change the fixed cost value, how the stats are managed? Do I loose the log?

After 4h I see that some values are incorrect, like this:

it should be 0,49KWh x 0.0829 €/h (tariff) should be 0.040€. Why is it showing 0.34€ instead?

many thanks in advance for the reply :slight_smile: