Energy Dashboard wrong calculation

Hello eveyone,

can someone tell me why HA is calculating my “Charged energy”
with -322 kwh on this day :confused:?

i wasn’t charging my car on this date as you can see in the chart…

found something to resolve it. but it find nothing…

The screeenshot seems to be from the other sensor and you may need to page though the day/hours to find it.
Tbh, and if you browser this forum more often, the whole setup in statistics seems flaky as many people report huge jumps that come out of nowhere. I myself have a manual (!) water entry and I do this twice a month. Last week all of a sudden it dropped 28m3. Sadly could not remember anymore if it was due to a restart or maybe a upgrade…still

This is always a case of a misconfigured sensor. Please show the history graph for the car charging sensor for the same period as the energy graph.

@vingerha if you have an issue with your water sensor please start your own topic to get it fixed.

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@tom_l merely adding that this is one of many reported issues with this setup, HA is not very reliable and repairs often not posisble outside the db.

Nope. It is very reliable if your sensors are set up correctly. The fact that a lot of people set up their sensors to report 0 instead of unavailable is not HA’s fault.

This sensor is from the go echarger.

Could this relate to a Backup - and how can i fix it :/.
On the 12.10 i had nothing to fix in the Statistik Options.

fixed it… had to restore HA again.

Do you know if its possible to modify the amount?
It’S still 22€