Energy Meter with TCRT5000 and Tasmota

I wanted to read out my new “smart” Energy Meter with HomeAssistant and only found that you need a Volkszähler or Hichi IR Head
I Tried with my existing TCRT5000 and found out that it Works and thought i just dump it here

You need:
ESP (8266…)

I Covered up the Infrared LED as you not need it
The TCRT5000 is connected to GND, 3V3 and D0 to RX on ESP

you need Tasmota Smart Meter Firmware

And for my Meter (Logarex LK13BE) the Config is as Follows:

you can read out kWh directly and for the rest of the information the PIN needs to be entered first on the Smart Meter

With different code it might work on other smart meters to, however some of them need to be “activated” via light first



=>sensor53 r

>M 1
1,1-0:16.7.0*255(@1,Verbrauch aktuell,W,Power,0
1,1-0:32.7.0*255(@1,Spannung L1,V,Spannung-L1,1
1,1-0:52.7.0*255(@1,Spannung L2,V,Spannung-L2,1
1,1-0:72.7.0*255(@1,Spannung L3,V,Spannung-L3,1
1,1-0:31.7.0*255(@1,Strom L1,A,Strom-L1,2
1,1-0:51.7.0*255(@1,Strom L2,A,Strom-L2,2
1,1-0:71.7.0*255(@1,Strom L3,A,Strom-L3,2
1,1-0:14.7.0*255(@1,Netz Frequenz,Hz,frequency,0
1,1-0:1.8.0*96(@1,Verbrauch letzter Tag,KWh,Verbrauch-Gestern,1
1,1-0:1.8.0*97(@1,Verbrauch letzte Woche,KWh,Verbrauch-7T,1
1,1-0:1.8.0*98(@1,Verbrauch letzten Monat,KWh,Verbrauch-30T,1
1,1-0:1.8.0*99(@1,Verbrauch letztes Jahr,KWh,Verbrauch-365T,1
1,1-0:1.8.0*100(@1,Verbrauch seit Reset,KWh,Verbrauch-Reset,1

This looks very interesting!
I assume your smart meter is close enough to your house/apartment that the ESP can connect to your WiFi network. I my case, because I live in a apartment building, there are some 30 meters and few concrete walls between my router and my meter.
On another note, I am assuming the meter’s “login” data is a close guarded secret that only the electricity network administrator knows, so anything but the consumption is locked away.