Energy monitor data suddenly missing

Hi all,

my energymonitor data is suddenly missing. I don’t have any previous data anymore (which i generated for 3 weeks)

HA was creating excessive logdata (more than 15GB) and all my memory was used on my 32GB sd card. I have cleared the .json logfile (RFXTRX was enabled in configuration.yaml for debugging purposes) , si i’ve disabeld that and it’s running fine now. But, how is it possible that I’m not able to find the Enery monitoring data?

Before I deleted the logfile i wasn’t able to find the energy data already, although this was still possible until yesterday. Maybe has it something to do with the new year? System bug?

I’ve noticed that after the latest update, all of my energy is negative and is no longer divided by hours. All energy is displayed in one column instead of broken out into the hours of the day and it is all negative. Everything was working as expected before. None of my logs are particularly large. I’m using an IotaWatt to monitor energy usage and the data it is providing seems to be correct.
Monitoring graph yesterday:

Monitoring graph today:

having this same issue…
All my energy data is gone. This has happened before, just unsure what is causing it to disappear.

Hmm lost half a year of data when migrated from docker version to os version