Energy monitor with resetting Wh count

I’ve got a HyperVolt car charger that reports the energy sent to the car in Wh - so far so good.

However the energy count is per charging session so resets to 0 every time. This means that the Energy dashboard sees the drop back to 0 and puts the power usage into the negative instead of showing how much power it used that day.

How do I work around this, is there a helper I can use that copes with the resets and counts up the total energy used?

From the sounds of it, the Utility Meter integration should do what you need?

Utility Meter - Home Assistant (

periodically_resetting is designed for this sort of use case I think…

Funnily enough I’m looking at Hypervolt as I’m choosing an EV charger - this sensor from the integration might also be part of the solution for you:

gndean/home-assistant-hypervolt-charger: Home Assistant integration for Hypervolt EV charger (

I’d forgotten I’d posted this. The session_increasing seems to work as expected, I’ve had it on the Energy Dashboard for a while.