Energy Monitoring Plugs


I have a few Meross Mss310 and one just died today after 10 months of use.

I was wondering what kind of plugs are you using (for switching and monitoring energy consumption) ?


I recommend Shelly Plug S. It can switch up to 2500 watts (threshold for auto switch off can be set to a lower value) and speaks MQTT. Can be set to No Cloud. Energy consumption measurements seem to be quite accurate. It also has an internal temperature sensor for overheating protection.

What country are you in?

I’m in France so we mostly have type C plugs (with ground).
I’ve just checked the Shelly and this is what i’m Looking for but with ground as these do not fit French plugs.

You could look at the Sonoff S26 and flash it with ESPhome (or Tasmota) so that it works natively with HA.

I’ve heard about the PZEM-004T 3.0.
I’m in a HA group and they recommended me this one. It measures Mains Voltage, Power Factor, Power usage, etc. 100A!
However, it only comes “bare”, without wifi or anything like that. It spits out serial commands and you must hook it up to a ESP8266 or similar. If you want something which already has a power supply, get a “Sonoff Basic” - It’s basically a ESP8266 with integrated power supply and a relais (you don’t need to use the relais). Flash one of those with ESPHome and you’re golden.

EDIT: I must say that I purchased it yesterday, it hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t “review” it properly, but they say it’s good.