Energy readings went haywire, how do I fix?

Hi, at some point yesterday my disk filled up and something went weird with energy readings. It seems to have affected every total simultaneously…

Any ideas what has happened here and how I can fix? Otherwise my weekly/monthly totals will be completely thrown out.

You can fix the wrong value by going into developer tools, statistics for the entities in the dashboard that display weird values, and edit those (set to 0 is usually right).

The cause houwever is in the entities themselves. Most likely the entity has jumped to 0 for some reason. If that sensor is a template sensor, It is probably missing an availability template.

I’m confused though because there are multiple sensor totals being displayed on this page and they all seem to have started showing thousands of kWh, how do I know which statistic to fix?

Solar production is huge negative, so I’d start looking at those entities first and see if the dashboard displays any weird things afterward.

Reading your question again: it seems like you lost access to history. You might need to get hold of a backup to restore those. Do you use the standard sqllite recorder database, or have you switched to something else like MariaDB?

Thanks for you help @Edwin_D , I was able to adjust (basically all the referenced sensors which had weird entries between 12 and 1pm). I think I have the rest of my history - previous days seem to show correct values.

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