Energy tariff database

I like the energy dashboard in Home Assistant, nowadays it gives me insights on our usage. Every month I’m entering the new tariffs in Home Assistant so my automation will change these at the first of the month. It has given me nice insights of our usage and costs.

Today I thought if it wouldn’t be nice if there would be a database that I could access and unfortunately I couldn’t find such in the Netherlands. So I’m in the process of making one. I’ve started a Github-project crispy78/energytariffs: A listing of energytariffs ( that would hopefully be the start of such a database. The idea is for contributors to fill this database. Since my experiance with such projects is limited to none I could surely need some advice and help from the community.

Doing this in javascript is going to become very unweildy if you want to make it a universal thing. There are probably more than 20 energy providers in my little country of 5 million, and each of them have many more than one tariff.

That could be an issue, I know.
There are many “official” suppliers in NL as well and there are numerous whitelabel suppliers. Prices very per month or even per hour with some suppliers, so that’s going to be challenge as wel.
Other challenges are going to be:

  • the variation of contracts,
  • price per usage (some providers will change their prices according to the custome’s usage),
  • discounts,
  • taxes,
  • subsidies,
  • etc. etc. etc.

In NL we have in the early days this guy (a minor at the time) made a site where you could compare the prices of the different mobile providers. He also has that allows you to compare contracts of the energy companies. only compares contracts that are offered to them, so it’s independent but to a limit that it doesn’t list every provider. I would like to create a community maintained “comparison” site and if people could integrate it with their Home Assistant it would be very nice.