Energy Usage card round and square bar explanation

HI everyone,

When looking at the Energy Usage graph in the Energy dashboard how come some bars are square while others are rounded on the ends. Graph for reference.

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Can anyone explain the square vs rounded shape?

Hm… to me it looks just like the graph component glitch. Seems you have 3 energy sources (blue, orange and green) and bars are stacked to show the sum of all 3. In case of the topmost one (green) being 0 graph just do not draw it, but this is the topmost graph part to be drawn rounded.
But this is just based on observation of your chart…

did you find an answer to this problem. ive been wondering about my graph, I would believe it was a “glitch” as it seems to be random but I was wondering if it had meaning

Nope, never did. This is the energy dashboard so I was hoping there was some documentation for the rounded vs squared, but I never found it.

ive got this in my “to do list”. if ever i stumble across a reason i’ll be sure to post it.

Made small experiment; added/removed one more source to the dasboard. It really seems that the top most section is rounded. If this one has zero value (or is small enough not be drawn, section below is still drawn without rounded corners, like it supposed to be.
If you do not have additional one energy sensor to be added, just temporarily remove one of existing sensors. You will notice that the one that previously was not at top of bar and had square corners, now will be on top with rounded ones…