Energy with more detailed statistics


I just got my Shelly EM for energy monitoring and its working for almost 1 month and I just can’t unnotice the simplicity of the energy dashboard.
So I just bought an energy monitoring device to give me statistics and I would be happy to see some more data.
For example it only shows the prices on the “Sources” tab and not on individual devices I set. So logically I have a power meter for ALL things and thats the “Source” if I put more sensors so I see other device’s consumption with price the “Grid total” totally get messed up and will not get correct data.
So I love statistics and analyzing data I have Wallet for tracking my financials and it has some features I’d love to see in Energy dashboard.
For example comparisons with other days-months-weeks-years. In theory if my February consumption is 100 kWh and my March consumption is 110 kWh then it would say my consumption is 10% more than previous preiod etc. If we could manually set the period day-to-day (If we know when we turned on and off the heating it could be useful I think) would be even better.
I’d love to see comparisons for periods in the previous year. It’s not always useful to compare cold months to hot months because of heating or cooling consumption differences but if we could compare 2021’s december to 2022’s december that would be cool I think. Even more if we could detach heating-cooling or any data from “Sources”.

What do you think?