[EnergyManagement] Power monitoring plug calibration...ist there anything accurate out there?

Since home assistant got energy management, I’m quite eager to monitor the power consumption of my electrical appliances.
Wifi plugs flashed with tasmota/esphome need proper calibration to get anything useful out of them
which can be done via a power meter.

Since this is quite time consuming, doing it per plug, I thought when going the zigbee route, things should be properly calibrated from stock. Right? No…

From a price/performance point ratio these plugs are nice, I have some of these, they work fine.
However if they are really about 20% off with their monitoring like it is described in the git issue, it is a bit of an issue.

But these are probably not the only plugs that have accuracy issues.
But what would be a good solution for this, maybe sometime in the future a additional home assistant feature to be able to apply a filter function (like it can be done in esphome in the wifi power plug example linked above) on the home-assistant side via device/entity customization to work around bad factory calibrations for zigbee plugs ?

Or does anyone have a hint for zigbee eu plugs that come with an accurate stock calibration with a good price point, cause I’d need quite a lot of these.

I do have a lot of these BW-SHP13’s. It is indeed an issue.

I wonder if the successor model is more accurate.

Apparently it is BlitzWolf BW-SHP13 precise power value? · Issue #5137 · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub

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Any thoughts or experience might this Aqara plug work Smart Plug EU - Zigbee 3.0 Smart Outlet | Aqara? At least the product site says that power consumption can be monitored. However, who knows whether it works only in their app with some algorithm or is the device reporting the actual power consumption over a time and not just the current power which might be fluctuating depending on the connected device.